Created in approximately 15-16 hours for the GMTK Jam 2017-07.

Apart from the minimal surrounding HTML and CSS this was implemented completely in vanilla JavaScript. Animationframes are used as update- and render-ticks to draw onto a canvas element. The sound effects are generated via the web Audio API (still experimental). Highscores are stored persistently in the browser.  Tested in Firefox 54 and Chrome 59.

In Energy Consumer you hunt for a highscore while managing your energy level. The more energy you have:

  • the faster you move
  • the faster your shots
  • the bigger your shots

Moving and shooting, as well as being alive drains varying amounts of energy. If you are below the low-energy threshold, you will not be able to shoot. You can restore energy on energy suppliers. Be careful though, overloading may damage you, and too little energy may render you useless.

Enemies vary in energy (size and movability) and as a result in points to earn.

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